Hybrid Man

I feel all suburban man at the moment – Kim and I built and planted our square foot garden. Power tools! Hardware stores! Garden supplies!

After that I went and mastered the rusty old Masport motor mower in the shed (I was already tired by the time I realised you had to hold the dead man lever closed while trying to start it or it wasn’t going to go) and mowed the lawns.

Then last night it was a chance to be modern man. There were wandering drop-ins while Kim and I were making a large greek salad, so we decided to offer people dinner and I hung out in the kitchen and made pizza for everyone. I like making pizza because it’s not as stressful as real cooking – you just assemble things at your own pace (not to mention I’m reasonably confident that it will turn out ok).

I was amused that by the end of the meal Andrea and Wendy both had little piles of unwanted greek salad ingredients on their plates, but they were different piles with Andrea abhorring the onions while Wendy expelled the olives.

Garden making photos to come.