We successfully hunted paua.

Paua Sandwiches

You will need

* Two paua per person (legal size of course!)
* Lemon
* Herbs and flavourings of choice (lemon thyme, sage and garlic worked well)
* Butter
* Two slices of bread per person
* Frying pan
* Fire


1. Remove the paua from shell by slipping a knife in and cutting through the muscle.
2. Remove icky bits, just leaving the large muscle.
3. Cut the paua into fine slices and put into a plastic bag.
4. Squeeze lemon into plastic bag and mix well.
5. Leave for a bit.
6. Butter the bread.
7. Fry the paua in the butter.
8. Add the herbs and garlic towards the end of the frying.
9. Put paua between bread and eat.

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