Roasted Asparagus Rolled in Pesto.

This is a wonderful and extremely easy way to do something different with asparagus. The pesto adds a slight crispy crust to the asparagus (as well as a yummy pesto flavour of course).


Roll the asparagus in pesto. Put in a roasting dish with a little oil and cook at around 200 C for 5 to 10 minutes.

I like to use it as an addition to my Big Breakfast style Vegetable Hash Stack

Asparagus and Feta Mousetraps

It’s another wintry Sunday afternoon here and I was all on my lonesome in our rather cold house (welcome to New Zealand). Time for comfort food like mousetraps with asparagus, served with a nice pot of tea.

We’ve featured mousetraps here before but I just wanted to point out that the addition of lumps of feta cheese under the cheddar makes a good thing even gooder.

The Dominion Sunday Times did a little survey of the commonly available types of cow’s milk feta today. They favoured the Zany Zeus variety followed by the Bouton d’Or. Unfortunately they didn’t cover my favourite budget feta from Mainland. It’s on the crumbly side of the family and is quite salty which makes it perfect for cooking.