Cabbage tree planted

We finally planted the Cabbage tree that I got Thomas for his birthday last year.

I’ve always been disappointed that they don’t actually produces cabbages but it does have a lovely shape.

Cordyline Albertii: A magnificent variegated form of the NZ Cabbage tree. Handsome leaves are coloured matt green with red midribs, cream stripes and pink margins. Formal upright habit. Grows in full sun to 4 mtrs.

Lemon tree planted

We planted a lemon tree in our garden. Thomas and I both firmly believe that a home needs a lemon tree :-)

Lemon Meyer: Popular lemon for the home garden, more tolerant that other varieties. Performs well in small garden areas or in pots strategically placed where the sweetly fragrant flowers can be enjoyed. Lemons are medium sized and juicy. Sun – part shade. Frost tolerant. Height 2m x 1. 5m.

Comment from garden centre: Feed three times a year but let it settle first!