Accept With Pleasure


A book about food written for those who like to share the good things of life with their friends.

I found this entertaining/cooking book in a bunch of old (errr, rare) books we are going to sell on trademe. It’s an Australian cook book written by Patricia Harris and published in 1969.

A couple of my favourite quotes are:

“This is a rather more robust effort than usual, but it will be a sure success with the teenage undergraduate set whose appetites have been sharpened by violent exercise.”

“A few small items to encourage conversation and to provide an accompaniment to the welcoming drinks. These are not intended to fill more than the smallest digestive crannies but rather to prompt a sense of pleasurable anticipation.”

I tried cooking one of the small items suggested in the book called Nuts in Armour and can confirm that while it was delicious not even the smallest of my digestive crannies were filled.