Mousetraps with Asparagus

(Or how to get your asparagus fix in winter)


You will need:

  • Four pieces of bread (wholegrain recommended)
  • One can/jar of asparagus spears
  • About 100gms (3-4 oz) of cheddar or another good melting cheese
  • A grill (broiler for the US folk)
  • Salt and pepper grinders


  • heat the grill
  • thinly slice the cheese
  • drain the asparagus


1. Toast one side of the bread under the grill.
2. Remove the bread and arrange the asparagus spears on the non-toasted side.
3. Put the sliced cheese on top. If you’re as picky as me you’ll leave no part of the bread uncovered. This also helps avoid burning.
4. Place the mousetraps back under the grill. Leave them there until the cheese is bubbling and starting to brown.
5. Remove, add salt and pepper, eat. Don’t burn the roof of your mouth!

I think the Americans call this grilled cheese. I’ve always called them mousetraps and I assume this comes from the theoretical appeal of bread and cheese to mice.