Fun in the Kitchen

Thomas and I and a couple of friends formed two cake making teams. The idea was that each team would make something fun/interesting or excessive within the time allowed.

Our team produced a damn impressive pizza cake (complete in Pizza Hut box!).


The Pizza Cake was good. Banana cake with fruit toppings and white chocolate ‘cheese’. Possibly sacrificed a unified flavour for cosmetic design, but I believe it still worked well.

Their team came up with the equally impressive Chocolate Excess special (chocolate, chocolate, chocolate). It was a feat of structural engineering, two cakes separated by chocolate pillars!


The Chocolate Excess cake – well, it was just excessive. Chocolate cake with baked in chocolate chunks and chocolate peanuts, topped by real chocolate icing, chocolate girders, and chocolate decorations. It was nice, but maybe a tad chocolaty. Best taken in small doses.

It was meant to be a competition but we decided that we all won. After all, we all had cake.

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  1. As one of the architects of the chocolate cake, I’d like to point out that we used Whittaker’s 25gm chocolate bars as the pillars holding the two halfs of the cake apart.

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