Playing with Purple

I’m cooking dinner with a friend next week. The theme for the evening is purple. Has anyone got any yummy purple dish/food suggestions?

Starter, main, salad and dessert suggestions welcome!


I shall report back towards the end of next week.

{5} Thoughts on “Playing with Purple

  1. my random thoughts are:

    purple ice cream; grape hearthbread; purple jelly!; aubergines (see above); something with plum sauce

  2. Is your friend Mariah Carey?

    he he

    I support the aubergine idea, and would add that wild rice would be nice with aubergine – either added as a stuffing or on the side depending on what you make. It’s not purple but it’s dark and rich in colour so would add to the effect. I buy it at the Mediterranean Food Warehouse in Newtown as all the supermarkets tend to sell blends of the rice, not pure wild rice.

    If you wanted to cook from scratch and make something bright purple for dessert that’s not artificial, something like a boysenberry fool or mousse would be lovely and quite simple.

    How about chilean olives (those fat purple ones) in a starter (maybe tapenade en croute?) and a salad made with red cabbage and raddichio?

    Just some ideas. Have fun.

  3. Thomas,

    I hope there is actually a wine called purple death!

    Purple ice-cream? I guess it would be cheating if I just purchased vanillia and added food colouring :-)


    Thanks, all good ideas. The boysenberry mousse tempts me the most!

    I love the Mediterranean food warehouse. Mmmmm.


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