Danger, Danger, Red Chilli

I’ve eaten a lot of chillies. I’ve done the foolish “let’s see how many raw chillies we can eat” stunt and suffered through the pain (tears rolling down my cheeks) and enjoyed the high.


One thing I’ve never done before is snort one. Last night I somehow got some chilli up my nose. It was amazingly painful. Take eating a hot chilli and times it by 10.

My nose felt like it was burning off, the pain burnt its way up my sinus pathways and gave me a pounding headache. I spent 10 minutes in a cold shower trying to cool it off! (Yes, I know water doesn’t help with chilli but I was beyond thinking).

A workmate later suggested I should have tried snorting milk to fix it. :-)

So, in case you’ve ever considered it, Don’t. SAY NO to snorting chili!