So, avocados. (Or as I like to call them, guacamoles.) As far as I can tell there are two types of avocados:

1. Those that contain a stone and a whole lot of green lusciousness that is sort of velvety smooth in the mouth.

2. Those that contain a stone and some watery tasteless stuff.

The first sort is amazing and can lift an average burger, sandwich or breakfast to a whole new plane of goodness. Or you can just put some on hot buttered toast and have it for a yummy light meal. Then there’s guacamole… take one or more avocados, mush it up with a little garlic and maybe some chopped tomato and onion, and then use it as a dip for corn chips or anything else.

Anyway, the point of this post is not just to rhapsodise about avocados. What I need to know is how to tell the difference between the two types of avocado – the good and the bad (they’re all ugly).

Is there some simple test I can apply when in the supermarket?

Photo taken by Avlxyz

Other random facts about avocados:

  • They’re poisonous to cats and dogs.
  • People called Daniel are allergic to them (sample size = 1).
  • They originate from Central America.


{5} Thoughts on “Avocados

  1. I used to have exactly the same problem – no possible way to tell which sort of avo you were going to get. Then I started a Riverford veg box, and get a bag, sometimes two, of avos a week … and we’ve NEVER had a watery one. I promise I don’t have shares in Riverford. But maybe you should consider subscribing to their scheme, or just email Guy Watson, who is always willing to answer queries, in my experience!


  2. Joanna – Riverford sounds great. I love getting boxes of fruit and veggies delivered.

    Unfortunately Riverford isn’t in NZ (I’ve never heard of them and a quick google search didn’t bring up any local links).

    I really must get boxes of surprise vegetables and fruit delivered again though!

  3. Poisonous to Dogs?!!! My 3 dogs sit at the bottom of the tree waiting for the squirles to knock the off. Then they eat them, the more over ripe the better.

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